Beach Buggy Racing: This 3D racing game might strongly remind you of Mario Kart, but this isn’t a bad copy of It, this game is very well coded, frame rate is stable, graphics are great and loading times are lightening fast! Controls are easy and there is also local multiplayer and controller support. Link for download

Beach Buggy Racing

Brothers in Arms 3: This title is a third person shooter set in the 2nd World War. The graphics are high end, so I recommend downloading it on a mid to high end device, the gameplay is great thanks to the well engineered movement system, there is also a great multiplayer online mode, and controllers are supported. Link for download

Brothers in Arms 3

Cavernaut: This 2D minimal game makes you control a small lander inside a 18km deep cave. The goal is to get out, but there are obstacles and traps along the way up to the surface. By collecting yellow orbs you will be able to upgrade your lander. Link for download


Riptide GP 2: As the name suggests, this is a racing game. But cars aren’t involved, you will drive a watercraft. This game is famous because it’s one of the better optimized in the market: graphics are great, runs smooth on almost any device, and the download is only 50 megabytes! Controls are simple and responsive, controllers are supported and there also is a local split-screen multiplayer mode. Link for download

Riptide GP2

Link to the Underground app