Hey There Folks, recently downloaded the MacOS Sierra to my Mac and wanted to review it. The first look before installing is very cool and awesome. The most important feature of the new Sierra is Siri. But do not forget this is a BETA! Not the real version that is going to be released soon.

General Performance

At the startup the Mac is extremely slow. Siri is not working very well programs are not opening they don’t respond etc. But after a few minutes the Mac is starting to get some speed. Siri starts working apps starts to open etc. But you can’t use apps like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro including XCode and Android studio and other development apps. Basically you can’t use any “Pro” apps.


siri1Yep! Siri the most cool feature. Not anymore guys. After I installed the Software as I said any app was not opening. After a few minutes it lagged. Then Siri Boom! I started to talk but It doesn’t has the sound quality like the Siri on the iOS platform. Just Bad. But can help things like weather or current films, twitter and Facebook status updates etc. Same as iOS on Mac. But still cool, Siri on Mac Guys! Then It installed a language package that includes the HQ Siri voice it was back the iOS voice! (More better)

Not including all of these stuff everything was normal with the previous version.